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Individual, couples, and family-based therapy for a variety of issues, including: depression, anxiety, phase-of-life issues, ADHD, relational discord, weight loss management, parent-child relationships, child behavioral difficulties, blended family issues, and school/ learning problems. We serve clients from ages birth through adulthood.

Neurofeedback training is available to treat a variety of concerns.  The brain-training effect of neurofeedback can help reestablish the brain's ability to shift smoothly and appropriately. Neurofeedback is a proven and effect treatment that helps restore our full range of brain functioning. 

Diagnosis of mental health disorders such as: depression, anxiety, ADHD, reactive attachment disorder, autism, developmental delay, cognitive functioning, and school/learning problems. We can diagnose clients across the lifespan.
Specialized Treatment Areas
Specialized treatment for a variety of concerns, including weight loss, chronic medical conditions, and encopresis.  See specific tabs to the left for detailed information.

**ICS is group of independent clinicians**
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